Lifestyle blogger of Olive  la Vida, Karissa, in her latest endevour— Chingona Clinics, is bringing wellness workshops, classes and social events to the modern chingona.    Her motto this year is “new year, más chingona“.  If you’re wondering what  “chingona” means, it’s a slang word being reclaimed by latina women.  It means “boss lady” or “woman in charge”, listen to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” and that is what it means to be a chingona.  If something is “muy chingón” it’s super rad-cool-amazing.

Chingona Clinics hopes to connect with local makers and educators to educate and empower women and girls with intimate workshops and educational gatherings.  In addition to sharing knowledge and learning new skills together, Chingona Clinics will host social events to bring women together to celebrate friendship.  Friends are family we choose and those friendships should be celebrated!